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A Deeper Look Into Vaginal Infections: What is the Spiritual Meaning and Cause?

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A Deeper Look Into Vaginal Infections: What is the Spiritual Meaning and Cause?

I am a firm believer that whenever something goes wrong in our body, there is always a deeper reason outside of physical causes waiting to be found. To be more precise, it is actually hiding in our mind, heart, soul, and our wombs. The mind-body connection is a near-univeral concept that has been accepted in many cultures around the world for thousands of years.

In particular, Eastern philosophy has traditionally seen the body, mind and spirit as a whole, and takes a holistic view to the prevention and treatment of disease. This allows for such an incredible journey into deeper healing -- which is why I enjoy studying and incorporating the wisdom of these powerful teachings into my life and my work.

A little insight into your metaphysical vagina...

Reproductive and genital diseases have a metaphysical or spiritual meaning that can give us amazing insights and understanding of how to treat it and how to prevent it. Our bodies’ ailments are indicators of what is happening with us emotionally, mentally, and psychologically, and not just physically.

While there are plenty of important functions in and around the vagina, it is first and foremost a sexual organ. It is the part of the body that might be penetrated within a sexual relationship. Metaphorically, that is incredibly powerful and also incredibly vulnerable. This is the place where someone or something could enter your body -- and simultaneously, the place where you decide to recieve.

Your vagina is connected to your heart, throat and voice.

First, to innerstand some of these concepts, it requires you to think outside of the box and be less rigid in your thinking. In eastern philosophy and medicine, it's understood that our vaginas are directly connected to our heart, throat and voice. So vaginal infections might be trying to communicate where you are out of balance in these areas. Sometimes when we can’t speak or don’t feel safe to say what we want to say, the energy of those unspoken words get shunted down to the vagina -- and when imbalanced, it asks us how vulnerble we are with our words, speaking the truth, communicating from the heart, and asking for our desires.

And get this!

Both the throat (or the vocal fold tissue), the vagina and cervix are made of the same type of body tissue and behave the same way. This was actually tested by the way. Not a coinsidence at all, being that both are the openings in and out, to and from, the world, for women. This is why we have to pay attention to the symptoms that our vagina manifest, and get to know deeper languages of our body, especially in response to sexual relations with other bodies, and other day-to-day relationships and environments.

How does the vagina express displeasure through symptoms?

The vagina might be expressing its displeasure or uneasiness by being “out of balance.” This is when you'll see symptoms show up like itching, odor, irritation, swelling, discolored discharge, pain during sex or burning during urination. Sometimes these issues are about a spiritual or energetic penetration: someone pressing negative energy into you or making you do things you don’t want to do (whether sexually or not, or even consciously or not).

Here are some question that you can feel into and ask yourself:

  • Do I feel safe in my relationship?
  • Do I feel present and connected?
  • Is my heart present in my relationship?
  • Is my heart held and supported?
  • Does my vagina experience pleasure? Does it say yes to intimacy?
  • Is my spirit in or out of balance lately? Do I feel connected to myself and what I want?
  • Is my heart nourished in my relationship? Is it given what it needs to grow?
  • What do I need to say that I'm not saying
  • Has something happened to my vagina that really isn’t okay with me?
  • Do I feel in control in my life in general? Do my yes and my no matter?
  • Do I set loving and healthy boundaries for myself?

Sit with these questions and feel into these answers. Sometimes even without any direct trauma to this area in our body, the vagina (and womb) simply has an opinion about the relationship we are in.

In Summary

Vaginal maladies like yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, and recurring bladder infections are super common and definitely annoying. Especially when they are recurring, but they might also be trying to tell us something. Of course, it’s important to get STI screenings, to practice safe sex and healthy genital hygiene, to clean up your diet and to address any underlying health issue when something is going wrong down there. I cover vaginal yeast infections in my article, Why Am I Having Vaginal Yeast Infections & How Do I Treat It Naturally?

When we are experiencing issues with our vaginas, it can mean something is off in our most intimate energetic places. The spiritual meaning of vaginal infections can be explored by spending some time with our vaginas and listening to what they have to tell us. This may be the key to making positive, healthy changes in our lives that nourish our hearts and voices.


Love and health,



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