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Are You Choosing The Best Skin Care For Your Health?

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I have only one question for you?

"Are you choosing the best skin care product for your health?"

Over the last few decades, for the better, we have seen an increased interest in “clean” living, and being ultra aware of what we put into our bodies via the food and drinks we consume, the air we breathe, and even the medications and supplements we take—all in an effort to limit the numbers of harmful pesticides, toxins, and chemicals we ingest.

But, what about what we put on our body?

It's not enough that we watch the food, drinks, supplements, air and water that we take in without also bringing our focus to our skin care products. Watching the things we allow our body to consume through its largest organ -- the skin -- is just as important.

Yes, our skin is the largest breathing organ on our body and over 60% of what we put onto our skin makes its way into our bloodstream.

If you're not hipped as to why this is so important, keep reading....

An Environmental Working Group (EWG) survey found that the average American adult uses no fewer than nine personal care products every day, encompassing 126 different chemical ingredients—and many people use far more.

That's a hell of a lot of chemicals. And most of us are using them unconsciously. The various skin and personal care products we slather on each and every day make their way into our bloodstream, reaching our most vulnerable organs and glands inside our body. And the implications to our health can be downright dangerous.

So let's all make more conscious efforts in investing in healthier choices for ourselves, and for our families.

Be good to your body, be good to you!

Need help with knowing where to start? Start by switching your body moisturizer, because our daily moisturizer covers more skin surface.

Purchase your organics body butter cream here! Because it's rich, a little goes a LONG way.

Love and Health, Always


Shavonne Richardson

Herbalist, Nutritionist & Holistic Health Educator



Phone: 205-440-2740

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