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Birth Control Alternatives That Are Less Disruptive Than the Pill, IUD or Patch

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Birth Control Alternatives That Are Less Disruptive Than the Pill, IUD or Patch

One of the most important factors in preventing pregnancy is education about our birth control options. This article was inspired because of the recent overturning of Roe V. Wade, but it's well overdue. While there are many birth controls options out there, in this blog I'll share some natural forms of contraception that don’t involve altering or suppressing your natural hormone production and cause undesirable side-effects, like in the case of the pill, IUD, patch etc.

While every single suggestion may not be viable for you, each have high success rates (over 90%) and are less intrusive and disruptive, and they are healthier to protect against pregnancy. The good thing is that these forms of birth control actually protect and preserve your fertility, when used and practiced consciously!

1. Male and Female Condoms

This is an obvious choice! Male and female condoms are safe, have a low failure rate and requires no prescription. They also provide protection against sexually transmitted infections. If you are sensitive to latex there are plenty of latex-free options avialable other than your regular Durex.

For those who are allergic to latex and chemicals in condoms, brands like Lifestyle Skyn, Glyde and Sustain have healthier options. Lambskin condoms are also an option but don't protect against STDs.

2. Fertilty Awareness Method

The Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) is an age old method that is highly effective when practiced correctly and with complete awareness of your body, menstrual cycle, ovulation, cervical mucus fluid (CM), cervical position, and basal body temperature (BBT).

FAM requires a deep innerstanding of your body. I personally practice FAM and I am able to do so because my cycle is regular and I am in tune with my body. However, for those who have irregular or anovulatory cycles, you my need to consult with a fertility awareness practitioner. I do also teach women about FAM.

3. Withdrawal or Pull-Out Method

The withdrawal or pull-out method is another age old practice that combined with the fertility awareness method (FAM) and herbs like wild carrot and Indian lilac can be effective against pregnancy. You should have a great understanding of your body and your fertile window when using this method.

This method also requires real trust of your man partner to control his penis and pull out before ejaculating semen inside of your vagina. This is the method, along with FAM that my partner and I used for 7 years before conceiving our now 2 year old daughter. For experienced, responsible and body conscious folks only!

4. Diaphragm or Cervical Cap with Spermicide

When used correctly with spermicide a diaphragm or cervical cap is 92 to 96% effective at preventing pregnancy. You can put in a diaphragm or cap with spermicide any time before you have sex. The diaphragm is made out of silicone or latex that seals against your vaginal walls and prevents sperm from entering uterus. A cervical cap is a silicone cup you insert in your vagina to cover your cervix and keep sperm out of your uterus. Both are usually left for 6 hours post sex and stops sperm from joining an egg.

Spermicide is added to the diaphragm or cap to increase it's effectiveness. It is a gel that contains chemicals which are meant to kill sperm or stop it from moving up through the vagina toward a potential egg. Using spermicide along with the diaphragm or cervical cap makes it far more effective. It is usually not recommended to use these contraceptive barriers without spermicide.

The takeaway here is...

There are plenty of options that you have as alternative birth control methods if you want to refrain from using the pill, IUD or patch. But let me be very clear, natural methods of birth control REQUIRES us to know or body and to be responsible with sex.

Hope you found this article helpful!

Love and health,