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    Keaura L. Pell City, AL

    "After being on birth control for close to 16 years due to irregular menstrual cycles, Shavonne helped me to regulate my hormones by creating a unique Detox Tea for my body and giving me some well needed education on what to do and expect while my body was "getting back on track" and learning to simply do it's things!"

    Kiera B. Tuscaloosa, AL

    "Shavonne has been so helpful with delivering helpful information to take on a natural life. She has really opened my eyes to the harmful effects that IUD's have on the woman's body. She taught me that IUD"s were bad and cause all types of problems. My doctor and nurse were saying the side effects I was experiencing from the intrauterine device was normal...things such as bleeding... "that it would eventually stop" but it never did. I listened to Shavonne, I decided to get mine taken out and it was the BEST DECISION I've ever made for my body!!! Keep doing what you're doing.

    Tranitra A. Bessemer, AL

    "Thank you for your support and the amazing products you offer. I'm a user of the Womb Support and I love it. My cycles are starting to be predictable. I do not have a heavy flow and I no longer have severe cramps. Thank you for creating an organic blend for us who are tired of over the counter and prescriptions.

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