DELUXE Womb Healing Kit
Organic Feminine Care Package:
1) Vaginal Steams
2) Womb Detox Tea
3) Womb Herbal Tincture
4) Womb Massage Salve

Benefits Includes:
*Daily Nutritional Support + Supplement
*Supports a Relaxed Womb
*Supports Liver to help Detox Blood
*Supports Hormonal Balance

Instructions for Use:
*Steam ONLY on days you are NOT bleeding.

*Use Womb Extract daily, can even use in food (smoothies, beverages, dressing) & skin care product

*Start supplementing with tea 1-2 weeks before period. For Best Results: Drink 3 cups of tea a day.

*Use massage salve externally ONLY and as often as desired.
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