Anti-Viral & Candida Extract
30.00 - 45.00
Extracts are very concentrated herbal medicines. This herbal formula is made to heal the body during an active viral, fungal or bacterial outbreak and prevent new ones. The herbs tackle the virus, suppress it's ability to replicate and soothe the body from the inside out.

+ Candida
+ BV
+ Influenza
+ STI's
+ STD's
and more!

*Antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal & immune-stimulating properties.*

Directions: 2 droppersfull 2-3x's daily

Ingredients: Rumex acetosella, Azadirachta indica, Astragulus, Echinacea, Arctium

*Rumex acetosella is a rare & expensive herb*
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Studies support the use of these herbs. I do not guarantee results as each persons body, lifestyle and diet choices are different and may require more attention. If you need to consult with me please contact via email or use the chat box here on website to the bottom right hand corner.
I also recommend:
> Feminine balm or oil to soothe and heal vaginal odor, outbreaks, lesions, sores, itching, swelling and burning (purchase on website)
> A clean diet with lots of real whole foods such as fruits, veggies, nuts, beans and seeds. Less sugar, dairy and processed food as this will overstress your body even more and support an environment for the virus and pathogens to live. Eat only organic, humanely-raised, grass-fed, no added hormones or antibiotic meat.
> Consider also suggesting herbs to your partner and an oral probiotic.
> Drink lots of water when consuming herbs to assist your body's self-healing process by flushing and hydrating your cells.
> You may also want to consider a system cleanse and detox. (chat with me for details)
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