Womb Balancing Capsules
Our Womb Capsules work in combination with our Womb Support to naturally balance, cleanse and support the woman's reproductive system.

+ Balances hormones (progesterone & estrogen) & supports fertility
+ Cleanses reproductive & circulatory system
+ Increases absorption rate of nutrients
+ Helps maximize natural function to the womb

Instructions: Take 1 capsule with Womb Support Tincture in A.M & P.M or 3 capsules daily without Womb Support Tincture.

Ingredients: Vitex, Glycyrrhiza, T. pratense, Rubus idaeus, Actaea racemosa

*DO NOT USE if pregnant or on hormonal birth control*
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Coming soon
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Our Womb Balancing Capsules works best in combination with our Womb Support (purchase on site). It's highly recommended that you purchase both herbal supplements as a system to efficiently and effectively cleanse and balance your reproductive system (uterus, ovaries, vagina) . The Womb Support, which is in tincture form, is a more concentrated and fast acting herbal medicine that's formulated to work on the womb. 
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