Yeast & BV Cleanse
  • Yeast & BV Cleanse
  • Yeast & BV Cleanse
Yeast & BV Cleanse
Our 3-in-1 Yeast & BV Treatment Cleanse is a complete herbal therapy system that works to help treat your recurrent oral, skin and vaginal candida (yeast overgrowth) and bv. It includes our gentle detox extract, yeast and bv drops, and ph capsules.

+ Blood Purifier
+ Help Balance Vaginal Flora
+ Help Reverse Oral Thrush
+ Kills Bacterial & Fungal Activity
+ Strengthens Immunity
+ Treats Infection Internally

Supplement daily. Take 2-3 droppers full of detox and yeast/bv tincture and 2 pH capsules orally daily. Insert 2 capsules vaginally.
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What is Candida? Candida is a fungus, which is a microscopic organism that typically lives harmlessly in people. However, if your inner ecosystem is out of balance and your immune system is weakened, you are at risk for a fungal infection like candida ( also known as yeast infection). Research from Rice University show that 70% of all people are affected by candida a systemic fungal infection. According to molecular biologist, at Rice University Candida is common in humans and is often found in their intestines, mouths, vagina or on their skin.

It is interesting to note that women who have vaginal yeast infections are led to believe (from popular tv commercials and some healthcare professionals) that the problem is only in their birth canal. Although this may occur, the truth is that these are mere "symptoms" of an infection that is actually in her bloodstream.

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