Anti-Viral Therapy Combo

Anti-Viral Therapy Combo

Our Antiviral Therapy Combo works to cleanse your body systems, help treat body during an active viral outbreak and prevent new outbreaks. As a bonus it includes an essential food guide. Nutrition therapy is the single MOST important factor, as certain food feed viruses, allowing them to continue living in the body.

1) 14 Day Detox
2) Antiviral Extract
3) Nutrition Guide

+ Influenza
+ STI's
and more!

Directions: Take supplements daily. Take 2 dropperful of Antiviral extract and 4 Detox capsules daily. Be sure to follow along with Nutrition Guide.
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Studies support the use of these herbs to attack different viruses. I do not guarantee results as each persons body, lifestyle and diet choices are different and may require more attention. If you need to consult with me please contact via email or use the chat box here on website.

I do also recommend:

> Consider also suggesting herbs to your partner and an oral probiotic.

> Drink lots of water when consuming herbs to assist your body's self-healing process by flushing and hydrating your cells.

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