Herbal Tea Consultation

Herbal Tea Consultation

Need a custom tea blend that helps naturally address your individual health needs? Teas are one on the best ways to receive the healing and nourishing powers of plants.

My teas can offer wellness support for individuals dealing with low energy, brain fog, PMS, fertility challenges, PCOS, diabetes, insulin resistance, IBS, high blood pressure, neuropathy, migraines, arthritis, insomnia, anxiety, congestion, sti's and more.

Custom tea blends require a 30-minute phone consultation so we can make sure we're developing the best blend for you. Although I call this a custom tea blend consultation, you will receive a complete herbal protocol to address your wellness concern.

Your custom tea blend is not included in this price. Your tea herbs will be priced during the consultation.

*I'm a clinical herbalist and holistic nutritionist that specializes in plant chemistry, nutrition, energetics, human anatomy and physiology, which helps me develop medicinal blends that restore balance to the body.*
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