Period Support (Liquid Extract)

Period Support (Liquid Extract)

Period Support is a concentrated herbal extract that work to balance your reproductive hormones and improve your period health and menstrual cycle symptoms. This is the perfect herbal supplement to support your period health.

+ Women's natural alternative to birth control
+ Balances sex hormones (estrogen, progesterone, testosterone)
+ Promotes a normal healthy period
+ Helps alleviate period pain and cramps
+ Reduces heavy menstrual bleeding
+ Relieves your PMS and PMDD symptoms
+ Decrease spotting between periods
+ Helps prevent and treat fibroids, endometriosis and cysts

Use this herbal supplement daily. Take two droppers full a day.

Featured Herbs: Vitex, Arctium, Zingiber

Formulated by a clinical herbalist and nutritionist with 100% organic herbs!
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