• Vaginal Steams

    🌸 Revitalize Your Womb!🌸

    **Ladies, though gentle and painless steaming should be avoided if you are pregnant, expect pregnancy, have a Nuva Ring or any IUD.**

    Monthly Steam Subscription
    Receive fresh vaginal steam herbs MONTHLY. The key to success with vaginal steaming is CONSISTENCY. If you suffer from painful or irregular periods, infertility challenges, frequent bacterial or yeast infections, uterine fibroids or any womb discomfort you should steam monthly.

    How it works:
    Select one of the following options below and you will receive selected option on a monthly basis.

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    ==> Rejuvenation Blend - Painful or Irregular Period
    ==> Fertility Blend - Fertility Support
    ==> Treatment Blend - Yeast Infections, Bacterial Vaginosis, Fibroids or Cyst
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  • Steaming Reviews!

    Let's hear what our customers are saying...

    Jasmine J. (Montgomery, AL)

    "Shavonne creates high quality products for her customers. This is my 2nd purchase from her and I have nothing but positive results. I have PCOS and have incorporated steams into my routine. I have less pelvic pain and regular menses after incorporating her steams."

    Tonatha E. (Homewood, AL)

    "OMG!! Yes, the steams are awesome. Great for women and the herbs smell good. GREAT sex drive!! If you don't have your steam, try it. Don't miss out ladies!"

    Cynthia L. (Tuscaloosa, AL)

    "I followed my monthly regimen like we talked about previously and this month, I had NO cramps what so ever. My cycle came on smoothly and my days were also shortened, Again, thank you so much for your teachings."

    LaTasha R. (Tuscaloosa, AL)

    "Purchasing a V-Steam was one of the best decision I've made in years. I suffer from ovarian cyst and irregular or absent menstrual cycles (symptoms of PCOS). I was afraid of the smell prior to beginning my session but it was not overbearing at all - quite soothing, honestly. After completing my steam, I felt refreshed and rejuvenated. I had an increase in libido and my cycle following the steam wasn't as painful and it was "normal" flow. But, I'm definitely purchasing again and including this in my monthly self-care regimen."

    LaDeracka M. (Shreveport, LA)

    "A magical experience. The herbs have a heavenly aroma that leaves you feeling so cleansed and renewed."

    Shelly D. (Birmingham, AL)

    "I love the natural steams. Very helpful and once I finish steaming I feel very rejuvenated. Find out for yourself...you won't be disappointed!"

    Amber R. (Fultondale, AL)

    "I was finally able to try out the steaming!!! I feel soooo much better today!! Usually after my cycle it takes a couple of days for my ph to balance. I don't have the yuck feeling I usually have and I feel so refreshed!! Thanks!! I'll be purchasing again."

    Katrina D. (Cairo, GA)

    "The steams are the best. A very spiritual experience and without harming the body. I love it! "

  • Mission!

    "My mission is to spread this gift to lines of matriarchs, to re-introduce an organic way of feminine care to women for optimal reproductive health. My mission is to save more wombs in love and in convenience."


    - Shavonne Richardson

    Founder, Herbalist & Wholistic Health Educator

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