• Vaginal Steams

    Revitalize Your Womb!

    *Ladies though gentle and painless steaming should be avoided if pregnant, expect pregnancy or have an IUD*

  • Vaginal Steam


    "I just tried my vaginal steam, it was the best experience I've experienced in a long time. I followed the Steam Guide, my body feels s relaxed and rejuvenated. Thank you!!"

    Cynthia L. Tuscaloosa, AL

    Vaginal Steam


    "This was the best thing I could have done for myself. It has left me feeling secure and refreshed."

    Veronica, Tuscaloosa, AL

    Vaginal Steam


    "I was able to try out the steaming!! I feel sooo much better today! Usually after my cycle it takes a couple of days for my pH to balance. I don't have the yuck feeling I usually have and I feel so refreshed. Thanks!! I'll be purchasing again."

    Amber R, Fultondale, AL

    Vaginal Steam


    "This is my 2nd purchase and I have nothing but positive results. I have PCOS and have incorporated steams into my routine. I have less pelvic pain and regular menses after incorporating her steam"

    Jasmine J. Montgomery, AL

    Vaginal Steam


    "I love the natural steams. Very helpful and once I finish steaming I feel very rejuvenated. Find out for yourself...you won't be disappointed!"

    Shelly D. Birmingham, AL

    Vaginal Steam


    A magical experience. The herbs have a heavenly aroma that leaves you feeling so cleansed and renewed.

    LaDeraka, Shreveport, LA

    Vaginal Steam


    "I love the vaginal steams! They leave you feeling so much healthier and refreshed. I even add some of the herbs to my bath water when I do my herbal baths. I would recommend their steams to anyone."

    Camille D. Butler, AL

  • NEW Monthly Steam Subscription!

    Save on your steams with our new monthly steam subscription! Receive fresh vaginal steams monthly at a discounted price. The key to success with vaginal steaming it CONSISTENCY.

    Choose your steam blend to receive on a monthly basis, this includes 2 steam sessions.

    **cancel subscription at anytime**

    Rejuvenation Blend: Painful or Irregular Period, Fibroids, Cyst

    Fertility Blend: Fertility Support & Infertility Challenges

    Treatment Blend: Yeast Infection and Bacterial Vaginosis (BV)

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