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The Importance of Mind-Body Fertility to Support Natural Conception.

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The Importance of Mind-Body Fertility to Support Natural Conception

Many women are struggling with the dilemma of diagnosies that have been handed to them: "infertility" or "old eggs" or "high FSH" or "anovulaton". The one-size fits all medicalized solutions that are proposed include stimulation drugs, intrauterine inseminatio (IUI), in vitro fertilazation (IVF), donor eggs, and medical treatments, and synthetic hormone-altering drugs. 

You know, all the procedures that feel unnatural.

Medical fertility treatments come with a very high price tag, and the most often fail with a succes rate averaging around 20 percent. And for women who feel this is not what they can embrace either morally, physically, financially, or emotionally, too few alternatives have been available or even introduced.

Natural Mind-Body Fertility Goals

My third fertilty client told me the same story I've heard many times since that day. She had been told by her doctor she would never conceive naturally due to her anovulation and PCOS diagnosis, but she could undergo an IVF procedure with fertility drugs, artificial homones, donor eggs, and then she would have a fairly good chance of having a baby.

But she didn't want to use drugs or medication procedures or donor eggs. She wanted to conceive naturally and have a baby her own way. She wanted to include her partner in the most intimate and loving ways. 

So, we started her program with natural therapies that included a change in diet, herbal regimens, lifestlye, mind-body and stress reducing practices.

Two months after she started working with me, she was pregnant naturally. She said it was "a miracle". But as magical as it all seemed, it really wasn't. Her pregnancy was a result of the work she put in to align her mind, body and spirit to the energy of her natural fertility.

Natural Mind-Body Fertility Journey

The more I work with women, the more I notice patterns and trends. Many womem have been discouraged, feel defeated, lack confidence and self-esteem, and no longer believe their body can get pregnant naturally. They've not only accepted their medical diagnosis, but they've internalized it to the point where it has become a deeply embedded mantra on repeat in their mind.

Women feel like they're letting everyone down --husband/partner, families, friends.

When working with women to support their fertility, first and foremost they need someone who believes in them and their body's natural intellegience. Women need education, information and empowerment. Women need resources outside of the patriarchial soulless medical system. 

Women need someone who can be there for support, because to feel like we're failing at something our body was designed to do, is one-hell-of-a mental state to be in.

This why MIND-BODY Fertility is so important for women, because it all starts in the mind.

Natural Mind-Body Fertility Mindset

You don't have to suffer your way through fertility! It's been drilled into our brains that if we want something bad enough we have to work hard, and it's not going to be fun in our pursuit to get it. This is so far from the truth and out of alignment with our true feminine nature.

This level of thinking actually stifles your fertility. Sacrificing your pleasure, your sanity, your body and your spirit to your baby isn't the road to worth, and it definitely doesn't have a positive effect on your fertility journey.

So instead I invite women to slow down, forget about the numbers, do more things just for fun, get out of their head, learn to trust self, fall back in love with their body, have sex in the name of love, and for goodness sake stop over-analyzing.

As I teach my fertility clients, the body always follows the mind. So rewiring your brain and shifting your beliefs around fertility is something you must conquer. There are probably some things you've been led to believe by your doctor and the medical community that contradicts your fertility goals.

But no-one's telling you that, well except for me, and it's exactly why women choose me as their holistic fertility practitioner and coach.

Who do you want to be for your future children? A high-stressed obnoxious perfectionist or a woman of ease, flow and allowance? How do you want your fertility journey to feel?

Practice being the mother you envision yourself to be NOW.

I'm here to support you always.

If you're interested in my natural mind-body fertility approach, I invite you to purchase my 14 Day Mind-Body Fertility Challenge to help jumpstart your natural fertility. This program gives you the oppurtunity to experience the wholeness of my fertility method.

Not yet ready to dive into the mind-body work, visit the "Fertility Health" tab for your natural fertility herbs.

- Shavonne