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    Shavonne Richardson

    Wholistic Health Educator & Coach

    "...the part can never be well unless the whole is"

    - Socrates

    Holistic is viewed from the perspective that we function as complete integrated units as oppose to separate parts. It's defined as treating the whole person. So rather than focus on illness solely on the physical level (the level of bodily symptoms), this approach considers mental, societal and spiritual factors.


    My name is Shavonne Richardson, I am a passionate Herbalist & Wholistic Health Educator & Coach. My journey into becoming a holistic mentor started at a young age. Growing up I can remember my interest in the world of naturopath and preventative medicine. My journey continued with a background in Kinesiology and Exercise Science at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. After college I continued my studies in Functional Medicine, Personal & Group Training, Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Womb Care, Spiritual Science and other naturopathic healing modalities.


    My goal is to give women the power and freedom of true wellness through educating, lifestyle choices, herbal healing and preventative medicine. I strive to give women the tools they need to transform their health from the inside out.


    By taking a holistic approach we accept responsibility for our own health. Measures are taken towards disease prevention as oppose to treatment of disease. It's a quest for true wellness.


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