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5 Incredible Ways Steaming Helps Support Women's Reproductive Health

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5 Incredible Ways Steaming Helps Support Women's Reproductive Health

Are you new to the practice of steaming? Curious to know how steaming (a form or herbal therapy) can support your period, fertility, vaginal, cervical and womb health? Keep reading to learn more!

Steaming, commonly known as yoni, vaginal or womb steam, is a traditional women's healing practice that can be traced back to many different cultures throughout the world, and dates back hundred of years. Simply put, steaming is the practice of sitting over a steaming pot of water that's infused with loving and healing herbs where the combination of plants and heat therapy facilitate a therapeutic process. This natural therapy is a direct and gentle way for women to deliver herbal medicine to our reproductive area.

In this article, I'll discuss five incredible ways that steaming helps support our reproductive health as women.

1. Steaming supports a normal healthy period

Steaming helps to relieve the discomfort, bloating, and exhaustion that often comes along before or during a period, and help to regulate an irregular period. This happens because the therapeutic oils released by the steam herbs permeates the skin of the outer labia, where they are easily absorbed. The herbal essences are then taken up through the bloodstream where they help to increase blood circulation, balance hormones, heal scar tissue and release the tissue and debris that cause uncomfortable period symptoms.

The improvement in a woman's period is undeniable. Purchase your organic steam herbs to support your period health.

2. Steaming supports vaginal and cervical health

Not only is steaming beneficial for improved period health, but steaming supports vaginal, cervical and immunological health. Yes, steaming can help treat vaginal infections, HPV, sti's and help in the prevention of cervical cancer when used as a natural healing modality and self-care preventative practice.

Because steaming offers a direct way for the beneficial oils of the plants to gently travel through the vagina to support cervix health, this modality of healing is brilliant. So start steaming regularly to support your cervical health - especially if you want an effective natural herbal treatment.

Our steam herb blend is formulated with herbs that support your vaginal, cervical and immune health. 

3. Steaming supports the vagina and womb after childbirth, great for postpartum healing

Following childbirth during the postpartum healing period a steam may be done multiple times per week to help soothe and repair perineal tears after a vaginal birth. Women lose a lot of body heat after childbirth, both from the baby leaving the body, bodily fluid loss and from the hormonal change to motherhood.

Steaming helps reintroduce warmth to the body, and is a wonderful treatment for nourishing and healing the reproductive system after childbirth. The medicine and warmth from the steam herbs helps to soothe discomfort like pain, itching and tearing.

4. Steaming supports women following a miscarriage

Another incredible benefit of steaming is the full recovery support following a miscarriage. Whether a miscarriage is natural or medically assisted, old tissue commonly remains in the uterus. In this case, the miscarriage is deemed incomplete. Signs of an incomplete miscarriage are ongoing cramping, missing periods or heavy-clotted periods.

Herbal steaming is a practice women can use to gently encourage the body to take care of itself, clear out the uterus and support miscarriage recovery. Steaming does promote the normal return of a period, and provide warmth and closure to the womb for healing.

This is a practice I LOVE to guide women through instead of going through another traumatic experience, like the D & C procedure, to invasively remove tissues from inside the uterus. If you have felt that the options medical doctors have offered you to clear out the pregnancy were invasive and potentially harmful, you are not alone. There is a better way that actually FEELs good to your body.

Feel free to message me for miscarriage support and herbal therapies. Leave a message in the chatbox!

5. Steaming supports reconnecting with your womb space.

For women, the sacred practice of steaming is an opportunity to connect with and nurture our womb space. Steaming supports our physical, emotional and spiritual body.

Steaming can help reconnect us to our feminine essence by helping us tap into the forgotten wisdom of ourselves and our sacred womb space. Steaming also supports the energetic release of past trauma and unhealthy relationship imprints and help welcome creative potential for better ways of feeling and being.

When done intentionally, steaming is a pathway to deep energy and spiritual healing.

The takeaway here...

When it comes to our reproductive health, the benefits of steaming is nearly endless for women. Steaming is a sacred women’s health science, created by women, for women to take our health into our own hands and restore our reproductive health. With this perspective we KNOW that by healing ourselves we are not only changing the narrative but supporting our daughters and communities for generations to come.

Women have been using various plant allies for centuries to help support, nourish and improve our reproductive health. And steaming is just another way for women to experience the amazing healing power of plants.


Take care,


- Shavonne