Womb Steams

Womb Steams

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Steaming is a traditional, natural and gentle way of feminine care and womb healing. Enjoy a 100% organic proprietary blend of nourishing herbs that support your vaginal hygiene, period, cervical and pelvic floor health.

Steaming helps to facilitate a deeper connection with your womb, and restores moisture, vitality and integrity to your reproductive system.

Physical Benefits:
+ Increases womb circulation
+ Boosts your libido
+ Soothing warmth & heat therapy
+ Miscarriage support
+ Heals scar tissue & adhesion
+ Helps alleviate period pain
+ Reduces cramping & bloat
+ Decreases heavy menstrual bleeding
+ Treats vaginal infections + sti's
+ Heals perineal tears after childbirth
+ Relaxes pelvic floor muscles

Emotional & Energetic Benefits:
+ Womb nourishment and warmth
+ Promotes body-positivity and love
+ Helps relieve stagnant womb energy
+ Awakens energy of your sacral-root chackra
+ Deepens connection to your womb
+ Calms and relaxes the body

- Herbs for steam
- Home Steam Guide

Steam Time Suggestions:
- Steam for 15-30 minutes
- Be present during your steam time
- Steam on days you are not menstruating
- DO NOT STEAM if you have an IUD or if pregnant.
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