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6 Natural Ways to Keep Your Vagina Happy and Support Vaginal Health

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6 Natural Ways To Keep Your Vagina Happy and Support Vaginal Health

Vaginal health is an important part of a woman's overall health. Vaginal problems can affect fertility, body image and positivity, desire for sex, and our ability to reach orgasm. It's also no secret that ongoing vaginal health issues can cause stress or relationship problems, and impact your self-confidence.

In this article I give you 6 radical natural ways to keep your vagina happy and support your vaginal health!

1. Sleep all week without underwear on (if you're not bleeding).

Many women don't give themselves permission to sleep naked or without panties. We need to change this! Sleeping with no underwear on actually has more than one benefit. The vagina needs to be aired out frequently. Your vagina needs to breathe freely and sleep time is the best time to do this. 

This will give your vagina a cool breeze to prevent excess bacteria production that's typically caused by excess moisture and tight clothing - helping to cut down on vaginal infections and outbreaks. 

Sleeping without underwear also makes your skin free of material for 7 to 8 hours, helping to minimize your exposure to unfriendly material. 

2. Get 10 to 30 minutes of direct sunlight each day.

Being intentional about how much time you spend out in the sun can prove to serve you well. This helps with hormone production and vaginal lubrication. Our vagina cells need vitamin D to keep things naturally juicy and promote healthy cervical mucus fluid. 

So, getting out in th sun or sun bathing does your vagina some serious good!

If for some reason you can't get out in the sun daily, put more effort into eating foods rich in vitamin D. Food like salmon, sardines, eggs and mushrooms are all great options.

3. Wash with water ONLY on the inner vulva.

Your vagina isn't suppose to smell like fruit and flowers. Warm water is all you need to wash the exterior of your vagina (vulva and labia). This will help your vaginal microbiome to flourish. Soap can get rid of necessary and healthy bacteria you need to prevent excess odor, help with pH balance, and prevent infections.

If you're trying to control smell and unpleasant odor - that's an inside job. Start by giving your body a gentle cleanse, eliminating high sugar foods, drinking more water, and choosing a healthy sex partner. Not by buying artificially scented soaps and washes.

Shop the Yeast & BV Health tab for your herbal supplements.

4. Eat at least three servings of green foods per day.

This can be fruit, veggies, or healthy plant oils like olive or avocado oil. This helps keep you healthy, supports gut health (good fungi and bacteria), skin health (vulva, labia and vagina), and is a natural way to detox and help keep your hormones balanced.

Not only is this good for your whole body; it’s good for your sexual organs too. Conversely, chronic conditions can put women at risk. For example, poorly controlled diabetes increases a woman’s likelihood of contracting yeast infections and urinary tract infections (UTIs). Visit the Yeast & BV Health or Urinary Tract Health tab on website for your supplements.

Vegetables like spinach, broccoli and bok choy are rich in zinc, potassium, iron and other essential minerals, helping keep your body healthy, your cervical mucus fertile and your vagina happy. Lemons and limes are acidic, just like your vaginal juices. These are also super rich in fibre, folate, Vitamins C and K, calcium and antioxidants – all vital minerals and vitamins for your health. 

5. Physical movement, and no sitting for longer than 60 minutes at a time.

Physical movement is super important and also the least talked about. A sedentary lifestyle does your body more harm than good. The average person sits for too long. After 60 minutes of sitting down, get up for at least 60 seconds. Sitting for too long tenses your butt, hips, core, pelvic floor and vagina. 

Remember you have an entire muscular system that supports your skeletal system and other parts of your body. And news flash - your vagina is indeed a muscle! To support this amazing muscle you want a strong foundation with sturdy but relaxed abdomen, glute, pelvic floor and vagina muscles.

So get active. Full body workouts, resistant training, yin or yang yoga, stretching, jogging, dancing whatever you thing is, just move!

6. Make sure your lube products are safe, have protected sex and use condoms.

Lubrication is amazing. It can take sex to the next level for everyone involved. Still, there are some ingredients that aren’t very healthy for your body. Glycerin, for one, is related to sugar. While it works great to keep lubes moist, it can also contribute to bacteria growth in the vagina. Petroleum products are also no-nos because they can ruin the vagina’s natural pH level. 

Other things you may want to avoid include:

  • parabens
  • scents
  • flavors
  • nonnatural oils
  • dyes

Instead use a natural extra virgin coconut oil for your lube. The great thing about coconut oil is that it has antibacterial properties, helps to protect the skin, and supports your mucosal tissue lining (inside your vagina).

As far as condoms go, you know the drill. It’s important to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. Insist on using condoms with any new sexual partner, especially if you're not in a committed monogamous relationship.

Well, this pretty much sums is up! 

Be sure to find ways to incorporate these tips. Your lifestyle is the determining factor of how happy your vagina is.

- Shavonne

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