Anti-Microbial Support

Anti-Microbial Support

Anti-Microbial Support is a special blend of herbs that act as a natural remedy for commonly sexually transmitted infections (STI's). These herbal capsules work to specifically help treat infections and outbreaks such as herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, HPV, HIV and BV.

+ Natural treatment for common sti's
+ Blood and lymph cleansing agent
+ Strengthens your immune system
+ Soothes pesky symptoms of infection
+ Helps alleviate pain, swelling, itching and inflammation
+ Shortens the severity and duration of outbreaks
+ Protects your body against future infection
+ Supports and improves vaginal health

Recommended Use:
On the onset of an active outbreak:
Take 4 capsules a day for a week

For preventative protocol:
Take 2 capsules daily for at least 3 months

While these herbs are a great natural treatment, make sure your lifestyle choices and behavior align with your healing goals. Eat healthy nutrient dense foods, practice safe sex with a healthy partner and address other stress factors in your life.

Featured herb: Rumex acetosella

100% organic herbal supplement

*Formulated by clinical herbalist & nutritionist
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