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Learn 5 Natural Ways To Improve Circulation To Your Womb To Alleviate Pain

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Learn 5 Natural Ways To Improve Circulation To Your Womb To Alleviate Pain

For us women, healthy blood flow and oxygen (circulation) to our womb space is important for our reproductive and sexual health. It's even important for us to consider when preparing for a healthy pregnancy.

Poor circulation can contribute to the interruption of energy within the womb, including our surrounding tissues and organs, and this can contribute to uncomfortable symptoms and sensations in your body.

How do I know I need to improve my womb circulation?

Some signs and symptoms that you likley need to work on improving blood flow to your womb include:

  • Chronic bloating
  • Stomach aches & pain
  • PMS & PMDD
  • Pain during menstruation
  • Dark red or brown menstrual blood
  • Uterine or period cramps
  • Thin endometrium tissue
  • Irregular or delayed ovulation
  • Fertility challenges
  • Slowed digestion

Keep reading to learn some of the best ways you can get oxygen-rich blood to your womb!

1. Move Your Body, In Any Way

How can any woman expect to have a healthy womb if you are not up and about, moving your hips regularly? Sitting at a desk all day, or on the couch is not ideal for creating a healthy womb space. Sitting cuts off important blood flow to the uterus and other reproductive organs. Fortunately, it is easy to increase circulation to the uterus by getting up to move your body through exercise and external manipulation. Plus, you only need 30-45 minutes a day to do so.

Walking is the easiest and simplest form of movement. It is excellent for uterine health because it gets the pelvic floor moving. Walk briskfully everyday if you can so that your heart rate goes up. The increase in heart rate increases circulation to all areas of the body, including your womb. You can do this with any form of dancing or movement you enjoy!

Stretching ang yoga helps too. Yoga poses that promote circulation to the uterus are slanted plane, cat/cow pose, pigeon, the squat and butterfly. Also, circling your hips to the right and then left in the hands and knees posistion really gets the blood flowing down there. Yoga (or simply stretching) can be apart of your warm-up or cool down after excercise.

2. Use Ginger

You may know ginger as a flavor booster and spice in the kithcen and some of your favorite dishes. But ginger has great medicinal and healing properties as well. Ginger root is a staple in our home and apothecary because of it's unmatched ability to improve blood circulation. In fact, I include ginger root in the Period Tea, Period Support Tincture and capsules in the apothecary!

Ginger is known to improve your body's circulation because it's a natural vasodilator that widens blood vessels and enhances blood flow. Compounds found within ginger-like gingerols and zingerone are known to help warm up the body and reduce pain, thus creating improved circulation.  More, the root herb also contains minerals like magnesium, chromium and zinc that support healthy blood flow.

3. Start Your Womb Steaming Journey

I've been teaching about the amazing benefits of steaming for years. Womb steaming is a natural way to increase the circulation of oxygenated blood to your womb space (vagina, cervix, pelvic bowl, uterus and fallopian tubes) with the support of herbs. This women's wise-old practice is done with a special blend of herbs that are taken up noninvasively through your bloodstream, vaginally, by way of the warm steam.

Not only can steaming improve blood circulation in your womb, but steaming also helps soothe the uterus, relax your body, heal scar tissue and help release old debris that cause uncomfortable symptoms. If you want to start steaming in the comfort of your own home, you can purchase our amazing Womb Steam Herbs here to support your womb health, a Home Steam Guide is included!

4. Give Yourself or Get Pelvic Womb Massage

I absolutely love the direct connection to womb health that takes place with a womb massage. A womb massage is a touch therapy that promotes healthy circulation and offers gentle stimulation and support, and works to sooth your reproductive and even your digestive system. This self-massage helps cultivate awareness of your body, eases tension in the muscles, fascia or organs (allowing them to move freely with the body), and helps release any internal pressure within the womb area.

You can do the womb massages yourself at home weekly, or get them done by a trusted massage therapist. Womb massages done with castor oil, thearapeutic essential oils and herbs really enhances your experience and results.

5. Have Amazing Orgasms

Yes! I said it...ORGASM. Your orgasm can help increase the circulation of blood flow throughout your entire body, not just your womb. When you experience low circulation you become more vulnerable to inflammation and pain, so a circulation boost from an orgasm can work as a natural anti-inflammatory and pain relief.

When you orgasm, you release a burst of chemicals called endorphins (and even dopamine) that can relieve womb tension and cramps and promote whole body relaxation. Endorphins are feel-good and relaxing neurotransmitters and hormones that you produce naturally to help relieve pain.

Whichever way you choose to have an orgasm either way can help relieve tension, improve blood circulation, release calming hormones and decrease your pain levels.


Finding ways to incorporate any of these 5 natural wellness tips into your monthly self-cae routine will prove to enhance your womb health significantly!

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Love and health,


- Shavonne