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Womb Healing: Meet Your Womb + The Power of Holistic Womb Healing

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Womb Healing: Meet Your Womb + The Power of Holistic Womb Healing

To many of us the word “womb” immediately brings up images of female reproductive organs, and more specifically, our uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries.

But guess what?

Our womb isn’t just a physical organ; it encompasses the entire energetic space of that region. Did you know that your womb is also known as your sacral chakra, and it is the second of the seven major chakras in your body?

Yes! The sacral chakra is the place where not only does your reproductive organs reside physically, but energetically it’s where your creativity and God-given power as a woman flows.

It is our seat of deep wisdom and contemplation - a place where we birth new life and new ideas into the world.

Birthing doesn’t just happen on the physical plane, in the form of a child...

We are actually always experiencing the birthing process on an energetic plane in the form of a new project, new business venture, new intention, new feeling, new thought, or a new way of living.

But when we are disconnected from the power of our womb, by our different childhood and adult life experiences, energetic blocks may form. And, we start to feel stuck in life, low on inspiration, or short on our blessings.

Truth is, your womb is a direct portal for God/Spirit to enter the physical realm, whether in the form of a baby, or an inspiration to materialize an idea.

Your Womb Can Be an Emotional Junk Drawer

Just as important, our womb can function as an emotional junk-drawer, especially when we're not conscious or aware of our feelings.

Your womb is a place where you store energetic imprints of past relationships, disappointment you may have experienced from your mother, father, or past lovers, emotional memories, sexual assault, molestation or rape, guilt, shame and low-vibrational feelings.

And, these imprints can stay buried deep in our somatic body...until they are realized.

These emotional imprints and blockages can AND will manifest as physical symptoms and illnesses of the womb such as: stagnant blood flow, irregular and painful menstrual bleeding, debilitating cramps, fibroid growth, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, polyps, tumors and fertility issues.

It can even cause digestive and nervous system issues.

The Power of Holistic Intuitive Womb Healing

Holistic Intuitive Womb Healing helps to restore your womb to its original innocent state. Healing techniques combined with mind and body work, herbs, nutrition and lifestyle medicine can help clear blocks from the womb, in order to restore your reproductive health and overall well-being as as embodied woman.

This type of womb healing also support emotional healing from losses such as miscarriage, stillbirth, and abortions.

Your journey is personal, and unique to what blocks of the womb, sacral and heart you are experiencing and working through at the time.