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    "I want to say thank you so much for your 30 Day Heal Your Womb Program! It has really changed my life, I've noticed a great difference. Before starting the womb support program I was diagnosed with fibroids, my period was overly heavy, I had blood clots, and severe cramping. I was spotting and hurting on days I was not on my period. I'm so blessed to know you to create natural products! All of my symptoms have went away and my period has regulated."

    "I completed the 30 Day Heal Your Womb Program and now I'm pregnant! I know it's truly do to Shavonne's knowledge and herbal remedies."

    "I did the 14 Day Mind-Body Fertility Program and drink my Fertility Tea daily. I've been working out 4 times a week and changed my diet as instructed by Shavonne in the program. The main goal of the program for me was to be able to stop taking my Femara without bleeding long and heavy for weeks, and start preparing my body for natural conception. Since stopping Femara, starting the 14 day program, drinking her herbs, following her nutrition and lifestyle advice I have not had any long of heavy bleeding for weeks. In the past once I tried to stop the Femara, I bled profusely within 1-2 weeks of coming off. It's been 8 weeks with no negative side effects! I appreciate her so much for helping me!"