7-Day Love Your Womb Immersion
  • 7-Day Love Your Womb Immersion
  • 7-Day Love Your Womb Immersion

7-Day Love Your Womb Immersion

Join me in my 7-Day Love Your Womb Immersion as I guide women through holistic therapies to connect us with our womb space, bring awareness back to our seat of creation, and help optimize our period health, fertility and well-being.

While there are many physical causes to our reproductive imbalances, womb ailments often do represent a deeper disconnect from our body, and ourselves.

Remember at the core of our nature, we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. This means we must start tending to the invisible stuff, our unconscious thoughts and beliefs, and moving these low vibrational feelings out of our bodies.

This IMMERSION is for you if:

~ You desire MIND-BODY + HERBAL womb healing
~ You want to become your own womb healer
~ You have painful menstruation, fibroids, cyst or endometriosis
~ You desire to improve your period & fertility naturally
~ You're healing from a hysterectomy
~ You have recurrent vaginal infections or sti
~ You're ready to reconnect and tap into your feminine power

This IMMERSION includes:
~ Our Womb Tea + Womb Steam Herbs
~ Daily womb healing email promps
~ 15 to 20 minutes of womb healing embodiment each day

We start July 23rd!
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