Holistic Prenatal Coaching

Holistic Prenatal Coaching

As a holistic practitioner (clinical herbalist, nutritionist, fertility coach, doula and naturopathic mom), this is a call with me that includes holistic and evidence-based answers for your pressing questions and concerns.

Tips on gentle ways to reduce stress, how to navigate pregnancy and natural childbirth

A list of lifestyle practices, specific foods, supplements, and herbs to support you during your pregnancy and to prepare you for childbirth.

Knowledge on what to eat and drink, and timing of meals for your specific needs to promote a healthy pregnancy and birth experience.
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Consultation includes:

  • Thorough holistic analysis of pregnancy history, medical or pre-existing conditions, eating, lifestyle, and emotional behaviors.
  • Client education, expert advise and tailored health plan for your specific needs. 
  • Herbal prescription, nutrition coaching and sustained health coaching services or programs.

After your purchase:

  • Shortly after purchasing you'll receive an email, call and or text from me
  • Within 24-48 hours we'll schedule consultation time
  • All consultations take place via phone.