PCOS Health Kit

PCOS Health Kit

PCOS Health Kit contains four herbal supplements that work to specifically address root hormonal imbalances in women with PCOS. It includes Womb Support Balance, Adrenal Support, Blood Sugar Support and Gut Health Support.

PCOS is a metabolic endocrine disorder that affects the whole body. PCOS creates a hormonal imbalance within your system, and it can cause problems with regulating blood sugar and managing stress too.

+ Womb Support works to balance your reproductive hormones and promote regular ovulation and menstrual cycles.

+ Adrenal Support works to rejuvenate your adrenal glands to support cortisol hormone balance, healthy mood, decrease anxiety, improve weight issues, and support normal ovulation.

+ Blood Sugar Support works to regulate your blood sugar levels and improve insulin sensitivity for optimal blood sugar balance and sugar cravings support.

+ Gut Health Support works to support healthy gut functioning, repair stomach lining and improve hormone elimination.

Ready to end the symptoms of PCOS and regain control over your body so you can enjoy yourself and your life again?

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