Period Health Kit

Period Health Kit

Period Health Kit is a comprehensive hormone support protocol. It includes three herbal supplements that work to balance your hormones, heal your period, regulate your mood and energy, and support your liver and gut health for proper elimination of excess hormones.

Period Health Kit is great for women suffering with PMDD, endometriosis, fibroids, and PCOS.

It includes the Period Support, Adrenal Support and Gut Health Support vitamins and supplements.

Period Support:
+ Balance your reproductive hormones
+ Promote regular menstrual cycles
+ Supports a healthy period

Adrenal Support:
+ Rejuvenate your adrenal glands
+ Balances stress hormone cortisol
+ Improves mood, anxiety and energy
+ Support regular ovulation

Gut Health Support:
+ Support healthy gut functioning,
+ Repair stomach lining
+ Improve hormone elimination

Read instructions below for supplementing protocol:

Period Support: Take two capsules a day
Adrenal Support: Take two capsules in the morning with a meal
Gut Health Support: Take two capsules in the morning

100% organic supplements formulated by clinical herbalist and nutritionist
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