Vaginal Steams
A blend of fresh dried herbs & flowers that work together to cleanse, tone & revitalize the woman's center.

*2 steam sessions per packet, 1/2 cup of herbs per steam*

+ Alternative to Douching
+ Absorption of Odors
+ Bacteria, Bladder, & Yeast Infection
+ Cyst, Endo & Fibroid Support
+ Fertility Support
+ Hormone Balance
+ Increase Libido
+ Menstrual Regulation
+ Overall Womb Cleansing
+ pH Balance
+ PMS Support
+ Self Care, Spa & Pampering
+ Uterine Toning
+ Vaginal Itch & Dryness

**Text "STEAM" to 72727 for your Home Steam Guide!**

Instructions For Use: Boil 3 cups of water, pour herbs in & let seep for 5mins. Place tea under clean toilet in sitz bath bowl or stainless steel bowl. Sit comfortably with a blanket over lap for 15-30 minutes.
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