Anti-Fertility Support

Anti-Fertility Support

Looking for a natural and safe alternative to birth control? This Anti-Fertility supplement is it! It's a natural herbal aide that works to help prevent conception by inhibiting implantation of an egg and killing male semen, sperm. Also, great to use as a natural "Plan B" if there is an "oops" with your significant other.

Great to use along with the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) for conscious fertility management. Consume the daily dose tincture during your ovulation week, that's 4 to 7 days each month.

+ Natural herbal contraceptive
+ Safer alternative to birth control
+ Helps prevent pregnancy when used properly
+ Natural spermicide (prevents sperm from reaching egg)

Instructions for use:
Use this tincture during your time of ovulation, also known as your "fertile window" which is 4-7 days (about a week) each month during your cycle. Take 1 droppersfull, which is about 25-30 drops of tincture, every morning in a shot of water, juice or tea.

For "Plan B":
1st Dose: Use within 8 hours of having unprotected sex
2nd Dose: 8 hours again after first dose
3rd Dose: 8 hours again after second dose

100% herbal supplement

Featured Herb: Daueus carota
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