Iron Support Extract

Iron Support Extract

Iron Support extract is a concentrated liquid plant iron supplement that's packed with herbs that have a high concentration of digestible and absorbable iron. It works to support healthy iron levels and improve iron deficiency and anemia. Formulated with vitamin C to improve absorption of iron.

Iron deficiency is one of the most common nutrient deficiencies that women experience. Women are vulnerable to low iron levels during menstruation due to blood loss and during pregnancy because of the upregulation of iron demand.

Vegan and vegetarian diet increase the risk of iron deficiency as well.

Iron is an essential mineral that promotes metabolic functions by supporting healthy red blood cells. Iron is vital to maintaining good energy levels, organ function, nerve impulses and healthy oxygen levels in your cells and tissues.

Benefits of Iron Support:
+ Natural plant iron that's easily absorbed
+ Improves blood oxygen concentration
+ Strengthens red blood cells
+ Improves low energy levels
+ Supports iron-deficiency anemia

Take 1 dropper full daily

Featured Herbs: Chlorella vulgaris, Smilax glabra

*Formulated by clinical herbalist & nutritionist
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