Urinary Tract Health Kit

Urinary Tract Health Kit

The Urinary Tract Health Kit is a comprehensive herbal system that works to naturally and effectively treat your recurrent urinary tract infections. It includes UTI Defense Tea and UTI Support capsules. Together they work to inhibit infection, fight inflammation and encourage the urinary tract to take care of itself.

The standard treatment for UTI's are antibiotics and pain meds, but these therapies affect your gut health and weaken your immune system - causing you more health issues down the line.

+ Antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory
+ Helps flush kidneys and bladder
+ Inhibits progression of infection
+ Reduce bacteria in urine
+ Strengthens immune system
+ Soothe urinary bladder lining

* UTI Defense Tea
* UTI Health Support capsules
* BONUS Nutrition Guidelines

Supplement daily and follow nutrition guidelines.
UTI Defense Tea: Drink a cup of tea or two twice a day.
UTI Health Support: Take two to four capsules a day.

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