Yeast & BV Health Kit

Yeast & BV Health Kit

This three-in-one Yeast and BV Health Kit is a comprehensive herbal system that works to naturally address your recurrent yeast infection (vaginal, oral, and skin) and bacterial vaginosis.

It works to stop unwanted fungal and bacteria overgrowth, cleanse the blood where yeast and bacteria is housed, heal the gut, and protect you from future infections and outbreaks.

This Yeast & BV Health Kit can be used to treat an active outbreak and help prevent future infections!

+ Antifungal and antibacterial
+ Supports gut flora balance
+ Treats infection internally
+ Helps balance vaginal flora
+ Helps rid vaginal odor
+ Supports body's immune system
+ Prevents future infection and outbreak

* Cleansing Tea
* Yeast & BV Tincture
* Gut Health Support
* BONUS nutrition guidelines!

Instructions: Use each product daily until your symptoms subside and follow the nutrition guidelines that's included.
- Cleansing Tea: Drink two cups of tea a day Serving size: 1 teaspoon per 8oz of water.
- Yeast & BV Extract: Take two droppers full a day.
- Gut Health Support: Take two capsules a day.

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