Yeast & BV Support Tincture

Yeast & BV Support Tincture

Yeast and BV Support Tincture is an herbal liquid elixir that naturally treats fungal and bacterial overgrowth and outbreaks such as yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis.

In women, common symptoms associated with fungal and bacterial overgrowth are vaginal cottage-cheese discharge, odor, irritation, burning, swelling and sensitivity, and bath breath, cloudy white tongue and itchy skin.

Conventional yeast and bv treatments like prescription drugs and antibiotics such as Monistat, Diflucan, and even Boric Acid can (and will) affect your gut health, stress your immune system, kill off good bacteria and disrupt your hormone balance - causing you more health issues down the line.

This herbal alternative protects you from all of that!

+ Herbal antifungal and antibacterial
+ Treats infection from the inside
+ Natural yeast and bv treatment
+ Works to balance your vaginal flora and pH
+ Helps eliminate vaginal odor
+ Supports your immune health

Directions for use:
Take two droppers full of extract twice a day, until your yeast or bv symptoms and outbreak subsides.
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